Skiing is closed for the season.

Join us for the first annual

Summerfest July 27th


Join us for this family fun event and participate in the many outdoor recreation opportunities that Warner Canyon is featuring on this day. Bring your own chair and lawn games and enjoy live music and entertainment. Food and Beer are not included in the cost.



Located in Lake County, Oregon, the Warner Canyon Ski Area is a hidden gem tucked away deep in the Warner Mountains. Its compact size makes it perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders.


Warner Canyon is an old fashion ski hill founded in the spirit of the old west, created and run by local volunteers where the only goal was having some fun during the long cold winter. Warner Canyon Ski Area in Lake County offers one of the best ski holidays your family has ever been to. Whether you’re looking for cheap ski vacation packages, ski and snowboarding lessons, or last minute ski deals, you’re in the right place.

We take sustainability seriously. Following in the footsteps of our forefathers, we rely on God to sustain us. We use natural energy to power the ski area. Furthermore, the snow is all-natural as we don’t waste any resources on creating it. In short, we’re an eco-friendly ski resort.


Warner Canyon Fast Facts 

  • The lodge opens at 8am

  • Lifts run from 9am – 4pm

  • Season Passes can be purchased at Favell Utley or at the Lodge.- Go To Pass Pricing

  • Ski and Snowboard lessons begin January 5th. - Learn More

Call For Information & The Latest News - 541-947-5001


3 Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for a Ski Holiday

If you want to maximize the fun, come prepared. Here are some tips to help you:

1.       Exercise: Skiing is physically demanding. You’ll need a lot of physical endurance to enjoy it. Not that it’s hard, but the more physically prepared, the longer the fun will go on. Doing some form of exercise to raise your endurance levels before your visit to our ski resort.

2.       Patch up your skis or snowboard: For your safety and enjoyment, ensure that your ski gear and equipment in excellent condition. If you don’t want to buy new gear, we offer rentals, so you don’t have to even worry about it.

3.       Choose your clothing wisely: The most important tip is to bring comfortable footwear that protects your feet from the snow. While you’ll wear your ski boots most of the time, you’ll need a backup, off-mountain clothing. As a general rule, comfort is more important than being fancy.



Warner Canyon is an old fashion ski hill founded in the spirit of the old west, created and run by local volunteers where the only goal was having some fun during the long cold winter.  Because we strive to keep costs to an absolute minimum, our carbon foot-print is relatively low.  Our lodge is heated by solar and woody biomass sustainably harvested from our property.  We don’t waste precious water and energy on snowmaking, rather rely on the snow that God provides.  We rebuild parts for our lift whenever we can and reuse, remanufacture and fix everything else.  Even our lift was bought from another resort and is enjoying a second useful life in Lakeview.  When we can’t reuse, we recycle what we can in a rural setting.